Monday, February 10, 2014


If there's one thing my apartment is lacking, it is definitely artwork, which may seem strange since I am a graphic designer and art is kinda my thing, but for some reason I have a hard time committing. What if I get sick of it? What if it doesn't go with my decor? Where will I hang it? Well, and let's be honest. Most of the artwork that I would love to splurge on would break the bank as well. So, while I do buy the occasional art print, I have decided it is time to take matters into my own hands and DIY my own artwork on a budget. Using materials I had on hand, I came up with the idea to use uncooked spaghetti noodles to create a textured piece of art. Although strange, using materials in an unexpected way, I was able to create a practically free piece of art, which totally fits my budget.

• thick cardstock or watercolor paper
• uncooked spaghetti noodles
• Modpodge
• paintbrush
• gold and black paint
• pencil
• ruler
• scissors
• picture frame

1. Begin by cutting your paper so that it will fit the size of frame you have chosen for your artwork. I used a standard 5x7" frame for this project, but feel free to use whatever size you wish. Next, use a pencil and ruler to layout your design. (I used this image as inspiration.)

2. Using your drawing as a guide, fill in your artwork with spaghetti noodles and Modpodge.

3. Once you've completed your design, let it dry before gently applying gold paint with a stiff paintbrush. To make the texture really pop, mix up a small batch of gold paint a few shades darker than the first coat of paint. Gently apply it to your design, being sure not to overload your paintbrush with paint in order to give your artwork a 'worn' look. Lastly, find a place to display your new, and practically free, piece of artwork!

Photography, design and styling by Jessica of SAS + ROSE.


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