Monday, December 19, 2016

DIY Cement Coasters

While the holiday season seems to fly by each year, I always manage to squeeze in a few handmade projects. Whether making my own wrapping paper, baking homemade treats or garnishing cockails with DIY drink stirrers, I love adding a personal touch to the holiday season and this year is no exception. Despite looking complex, these coasters were extremely easy to make and would make the perfect hostess gift paired with a bottle of wine or cute glassware. I love that the contrast of concrete with gold makes these coasters functional, yet not too utilitarian, and the rough unfinished edges give them an industrial, modern look.

What You Need:

Coaster Molds
Cork Coaster Backs
Liquid Leaf
• Sand Paper (optional)
• Super Glue
• Paint Brush

1. Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Pour the mixture into the forms and gently shake from side to side to level and remove air bubbles. Smooth the surface with a trowel or similar tool (I used a popsicle stick).

3. Let the concrete set overnight (or approximately 12-24 hours) without moving or handling.

4. Once the cement has completely dried, gently remove the coasters from the molds and sand any rough edges if necessary.

5. Use the liquid gold to add any decorative elements that you wish. I kept things simple and just added a gold edge, but feel free to get creative and add a graphic pattern or design.

6. Once the liquid gold is dry, adhere the cork coaster backs with super glue to the unfinished side of each coaster. This will prevent the coasters from scratching tabletops or any other surfaces.

7. Once the coasters are fully dry, they are ready to be gifted!

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