Monday, April 17, 2017

DIY Copper Concrete Necklace Stand

When it comes to home decor, I love the character industrial elements such as distressed wood, exposed brick and concrete add to a home, so it was only a matter of time before I began experimenting with these home renovation staples. I first experimented with concrete when I made these coasters, and after searching for a necklace stand without much luck, I realized how easy it would be to make one for myself using common materials found at the hardware store. Overall, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and have already been dreaming up other concrete DIY’s I plan to tackle. Here's how I made it:


Copper pipe
Small box with lid (I used a 5.25x3.5" jewelry gift box I had on hand)
Rubber Cupboard Bumpers
Super glue
Sand Paper

1. Begin by cutting your pipe to these dimensions shown below. Since I don’t own a pipe cutter, (nor do I know the first thing about cutting pipes) I asked to have mine cut at Home Depot, which they were happy to do for me.

2. Next glue the copper piping together to form a “T” shape, using the 10" pipe for the base and the 5" sections as the arms. Let the glue fully die before handling and placing in the concrete base.

3. Using a ruler mark the center of the box lid and puncture it with scissors, creating an “X” shape approximately the circumference the copper pipe.

4. Mix the concrete according to the package instructions and gently pour it into the box, being sure not to overfill it. Top the box base with the lid and gently push the copper piping through the hole in the center, making sure to submerge the base of the copper “T” with the concrete. Also, ensure the copper pipe is level with the base, so you don’t end up with a crooked stand.

5. Let the stand dry approximately 24 hours before handling.

6. Once the concrete is fully dry, gently remove the box and smooth any rough areas with sandpaper.
Add rubber bumpers to the base to protect your surfaces from scratches and then fill it with your favorite necklaces.


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