Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It's been an exceptionally beautiful fall and I am loving it! Although Midwest weather definitely has its downfalls, being able to experience all four seasons, is one of my favorite things about living in Nebraska. Some might say I'm crazy, but for some reason I find the change of weather comforting and I like being able to truly experience everything each season brings. As documented in previous blog posts, along with the changing weather I also enjoy seasonal foods, which is why I had to give this recipe a try. I was a little unsure with how squash and black bean tacos would measure up to more traditional chicken or beef varieties, but I was thrilled with the results. I added a little extra kick by doubling the amount of sriracha the recipe calls for, but you can easily add more or less depending on how much heat you can handle. This easily may be one of my new favorite recipes for fall!

Photography, design and styling by Jessica of SAS + ROSE. Recipe found here.


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