Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Nautical Mirror

To me, some of the best DIY projects don't look homemade at all, so when I saw this mirror at Target I was determined to make my own DIY version. I've been loving the nautical-vibe lately and have been thinking of ways to incorporate this trend into my decor without looking like I've taken up residence on Gilligan's Island. This mirror strikes a balance between seaside and chic and looks right at home in my bathroom alongside potted succulents and neutral bath accessories. Here's how I made it:

• 8" beveled mirror
• 10" pre-cut wooden circle
• Approximately 4' of rope
• Twine (preferable a color that matches your rope)
• Duct tape or electrical tape
• Super glue
• Sharp Scissors
Quick grip clamps

1 & 2. Begin by gluing the mirror to the center of the pre-cut wooden circle.

3. Lay the rope around the mirror and cut it so it just fits around the edge. The rope should overlap the edge of the mirror slightly. Note: Although I have scissors pictured in this step, I found it easier to cut the rope with a razor blade since my scissors weren't sharp enough. Either way, be careful since cutting super thick rope is more difficult than it looks!

4. After cutting rope for the inner circle, secure the ends with duct tape and cut a second length of rope for the outer circle. Secure both rope circles together with duct tape as shown in picture 4. (You'll notice here I used leopard duct tape, which is not necessary but it was all I had on hand!)
You may notice that I used two thicknesses of rope, opting for a slightly thicker piece for the outer edge of the mirror, but you can use whatever thickness you prefer!

5. Next, use twine to conceal the duct tape where the ends of your rope meet. Just tie a knot at one end and wind it around until the tape is covered. Secure it with glue as needed.

6. To create a decorative loop for the top of the mirror, use a leftover piece of rope, pinch it together and secure it with duct tape. Glue the loop to your rope circle and secure it with a quick clamp and let it set for approximately 20 minutes. As before, use twine to conceal the duct tape and firmly secure the loop to the rope circle. I played around with different ways to wrap the twine around the loop to create a visually interesting pattern, as well as firmly secure it to the rope circle. Once you're happy with how it looks, move on the final step!

7. Lastly, glue the rope 'frame' to the wooden mirror base and secure it with quick clamps and it let dry overnight. Since I only had two clamps I glued my rope in sections, securing each with clamps as I worked my way around the mirror. Note: I suggest adding a hook to the back of the mirror if you plan on hanging it, since the loop at the top is meant to be decorative. I planned on propping my mirror on a shelf and I didn't add a hook.

Photography, design and styling by Jessica of SAS + ROSE.


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