Thursday, November 30, 2017

2017 Holiday Gifts For Her

With the weather being unseasonably warm in the last several weeks, it has been more difficult than usual getting into the holiday spirit. After hitting record high temperatures on Thanksgiving, I've just now started to embrace the season after putting up my Christmas tree over the weekend. While it's certainly nice not having to bundle up to go outside, it's admittedly harder to embrace the season when there isn't a little bite in the air, not to mention sip a hot toddy or cozy up for a Christmas movie marathon.

Anyway, regardless of the weather, Christmas will be here in a few short weeks, which means I need to start my shopping ASAP! Today I am sharing a few ideas for the women on your list, ranging from decor, accessories and barware that would all make great gifts:

1. The Little Market Tassel Earrings 2. Komono Lulu Sunglasses 3. Madewell Star Sweater 4. Urban Outfitters Earring Organizer 5. Leif Pitcher 6. The Little Market Hand-Woven Coasters 7. Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe 8. Urban Outfitters Gold Earbuds 9. Athleta Pom Beanie 10. Lulu and Georgia Trinket Bowls 11. Urban Outfitters Gold Cocktail Shaker Set 12. Leif Splattered Ring Dish 13. Lulu and Georgia Tassel Throw Blanket


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