Tuesday, November 21, 2017

DIY Stamped Clay Napkin Rings

Typically, DIY projects tend to fall into one of two categories: they either turn out exactly how you envision them in your mind or they turn out nothing like you anticipated, which can either be good or bad. It's a great feeling when a project turns out even better than imagined, but in the instance a project is a complete flop, it can be incredibly frustrating. (I've definitely been there!)

After coming up with the idea for these napkin rings on a whim last week, I'm happy to share that they turned out exactly how I imagined and were fairly easy to make. I love the playful touch they add to each place setting and they could easily be customized for any holiday or occasion. Obviously I chose phrases that tied into Thanksgiving, but I could imagine using guests names or more generic food themed messages so they can be used throughout the year.


Air drying clay
• Small alphabet stamps (I found mine near the checkout at Michael's)
• Clay roller (or glass bottle)
• Cardboard tube (paper towel, toilet paper or waxed paper tube)
• Clay knife
• Cutting mat or ruler (optional)
• Waxed Paper (optional; to protect work surface)

1. Begin by preparing your work surface. I used a cutting mat covered with a sheet of wax paper so I could use the guides to ensure my napkin rings were all approximately the same width. (A clean counter top and ruler would work just fine too!)

2. Condition the clay and form a 1" ball. Then roll the ball of clay between your hands to create a cylindrical shape.

3. Using a clay roller, flatten the cylinder to create a rectangle long enough to wrap around the cardboard tube. Using the guides on your cutting mat or ruler, trim your your clay to the width you would like your napkin rings to be; I made mine approximately 1 1/4" wide.

4. Gently wrap your clay rectangle around the cardboard tube, pressing the edges together where they meet together in the back. (Note: I ended up using the cardboard tube inside the roll of waxed paper I had on hand because it had a slightly smaller circumference than a paper towel tube, but feel free to use whatever you have!)

5. Carefully stamp your phrase into the clay, making sure to center the message. I found it helpful to practice using the stamps on an extra piece of clay before I stamped into the napkin rings. Repeat the steps above for each additional napkin ring you would like to make.

6. After stamping the napkin rings, let them dry undisturbed for 24 hours.

7. Once dry, carefully remove the napkin rings from the cardboard tube and they're ready to use!


  1. What an awesome idea! Love the classic simplicity .

  2. Perfect for my grandkids and I to make for the Thanksgiving table this year!

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